Duel of Good and Evil - Great egret (Egretta alba) and Black stork (Ciconia nigra)


Fish are abundant in this small lake in Csongrad County so birds frequent it in large numbers for a great feast. Great egrets and Black storks are a usual sight as well as different herons, cormorants and spoonbills. A spot of heaven for birds. But where there is food conflicts are inevitable. Egrets are great opportunists, using their size and strength to bully other species and try to seize their captures. So things are happening fast. This image was taken from a shore hide very early in the morning so the birds and the splashing water got a nice rim light from the rising sun. The birds featured in the shot are a Great egret and a Black stork. They are a grumpy lot and their brawling is a good source for action images when they are to be found together.


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